Thank You to All of Our Supporters

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We’d like to give an extra special thanks to our two incredible collaborators: Elizabeth Epsen, dancer; and Kevin Laba, sound engineer and swim captain.

We returned from our tour of Vermont, Montreal, and Quebec City just yesterday. It was a blast! We can’t wait to share this project with you.

Patchtax with Elizabeth Epsen in Montreal
Patchtax with Elizabeth Epsen in Montreal
Patchtax with Kevin Laba recording in Vermont
Patchtax with Kevin Laba recording in Vermont

2 thoughts on “Thank You to All of Our Supporters

  1. Thank you for the photos….especially the “special” one. I did a double take and then became very emotional. I’m so glad that your Tour was a good experience. I look forward to more Patchtax news in the future. Love, Frances Epsen

  2. Your shows in Burlington and Montpelier were innovative, refreshing and very enjoyable. I loved receiving my special video from the tour! Where and when will we see you perform next?

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