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During the spring semester, Mary Joy and I are going to be picking a new theme every month to explore at the beginning of MANNA singers rehearsal. Our first theme is “breathing” and we started of Tuesday’s rehearsal with a breathing exercise that works on engaging belly breathing and breath support.

Next we sang “Peace Round” from Rise Up Singing. The words are: “O what a goodly thing; If the children of all people; Could dwell together; In Peace.” The choir has made substantial progress in our ability to sing rounds.

We continued to learn “Octopus’ Garden.” A comment was made at one point about how happy/absurd/silly this song is which drove us to all embrace those sentiments and express them with our voices.

The new song this week was Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.” This song has a great vibe and is an excellent addition to the MANNA singer’s repertoire. At the end of rehearsal, we took suggestions for other songs folks want to sing which resulted in a very lengthy list!



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