Preparing for the Spring Gala

Preparations for the Spring Gala on May 8th are in full swing! The last two rehearsals have been incredibly fun and special because choir members are stepping forward to practice their solos. It takes great courage, and the MANNA Singers are fearless and hungry for their moment in the limelight. They are also very supportive of each other and cheer each other on with great energy.


Our warm-ups recently have focused on listening inward and outward, matching each others’ tone, learning the Kodály solfège hand signs, and projecting our voices. Also of note, the group’s original spoken word piece “We are the MANNA Singers,” written by Al, came together in a major way this week for the first time.

I’m proud of the MANNA Singers. I’m proud of the MANNA Signer who is fully embracing his role as conductor on “Sound of Silence.” (I overheard him whispering to another MANNA Singer that he’s been practicing.) I’m proud of the MANNA Singers married-couple-in-residence who are so sweet as they sing “You are the Sunshine of My Life” to each other. (She points out that she’s only taking a solo because one should push oneself to do the things in life their afraid of doing.) I’m proud of the MANNA Singer who showed up two weeks in a row and blessed us with his authentic country singer twang on “On the Road Again.” I’m proud of the MANNA Singer who for asked us (after, it turns out, multiple weeks of internally mulling it over) whether it would be okay for him to bring his tambourine and join the band. I’m proud of these MANNA Singers and so many more…


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