The Bishops Visit

Last week at our MANNA rehearsal we were delighted to be joined by several bishops and their spouses who were visiting the cathedral from all over the world. Their voices added even more strength to our group. I think they had fun singing with us, too. The bishops joined MANNA for the whole day for all of the regular Tuesday MANNA activities – Black Seed Writer’s Group, Meditation, lunch and finally MANNA Singers. The bishops kindly provided a very special pizza and salad lunch, which was a nice treat.  We have been learning the Kodály hand signs that correspond to each solfège syllable. These hand signs are very helpful when learning the relationships between pitches in a major scale.

We are busy preparing for our concert, which is rapidly approaching on May 8th. Last week after rehearsal we had a planning meeting for the Gala concert event on May 8th. There will be special finger foods, a special live back-up band for the singers, and special decorations in the sanctuary. The concert is free, and we will be accepting donations to support the MANNA Community. At our next rehearsal we will start supporting singers that are taking solos. It’s hard to believe that we are on the final stretch with our Creative City grant that helped create the MANNA Singers. It has been such an incredible journey so far!



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