The Bishops Visit

Last week at our MANNA rehearsal we were delighted to be joined by several bishops and their spouses who were visiting the cathedral from all over the world. Their voices added even more strength to our group. I think they had fun singing with us, too. The bishops joined MANNA for the whole day for […]

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March-ing through the Snow

On March 7, we had a wonderfully energetic rehearsal. We started a new theme of the month –┬ádiction. We shared some tongue twisters with the group and had people gain more awareness around where their tongue is and what it does to make different vowels and consonants. We sang through a few songs we are […]

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New Songs, Lifted Spirits

The past two weeks have been lively at MANNA rehearsal. Last week, we introduced a new tune to the group – Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’, which is a favorite of many. This got everyone excited, and one of our community members even contributed a dance! In the middle of rehearsal, another community member […]

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