We Brought Down the House!

This past Sunday, February 11th the MANNA Singers performed on an outdoor stage in Copley Square for hundreds of participants and volunteers from Winter Walk Boston. This 2nd annual event is raising awareness and funds to help end homelessness in Boston. We sang “Lean on Me” to kickoff the beginning of the walk and after […]

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New Songs, Lifted Spirits

The past two weeks have been lively at MANNA rehearsal. Last week, we introduced a new tune to the group – Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’, which is a favorite of many. This got everyone excited, and one of our community members even contributed a dance! In the middle of rehearsal, another community member […]

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What’s new

During the spring semester, Mary Joy and I are going to be picking a new theme every month to explore at the beginning of MANNA singers rehearsal. Our first theme is “breathing” and we started of Tuesday’s rehearsal with a breathing exercise that works on engaging belly breathing and breath support. Next we sang “Peace […]

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