we are in a foreign land

My brother Chris and I made it safe and sound to Bangkok late last night, after a 22 hour journey from San Francisco. After much hemming and hawing about what to do with ourselves, we decided to start our 4 week journey with a slow trek north. Our first stop was Ayuthaya, which we have been exploring all afternoon on bicycle!

minivan bangkok to ayuthaya

Our $2 minivan ride from Bangkok to the old city of Ayuthaya took about 1.5 hours. This vehicle is meant for someone smaller. At least it was air conditioned.
wax monks ayuthaya

Many sights were closed early in Ayuthaya, since it is the off season. It’s an ancient city with many temple and palace ruins, street dogs and quite a few elephants! This place used to be the capital of Siam back in the 14th century. These monks here are made of wax.
wat phra ram in ayuthaya

The weather here has been hot and humid, but we ate lunch at a place along the river. This town is surrounded on all sides by rivers, so I guess you could call it an island!

mj with discovered elephant ayuthaya

Chris and I found this elephant near some ruins.

ayuthaya elephant




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