into the rainforest

Christopher and I spent an overnight in the town of Lopburi, known for its infestation of monkeys! The monkeys hang out pretty much everywhere, but especially around and above the numerous food stalls. They are cute, but there are warnings that they will steal your purse, camera, or any food that you have. All the houses have cages and fences out of their windows to keep the monkeys away._IMG4583

The following day we left for a long train trek south through Bangkok. Here is a pic of the Bangkok train station. 
_IMG4708_IMG4927After a 6 hour train south and a 1.5 hour long minivan ride, we made it to Kaeng Krachan national park. We spent the last two nights figuring out how to get into the park (difficult to do without knowing Thai and without a car) but we managed to book a night of camping tonight. It is absolutely beautiful here! More pics to come..



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