A special guest

On September 26th, we welcomed an old friend of mine and very special guest, Ali McGuirk. Ali’s voice and presence is an amazing gift, and one that was received thoroughly by the community. We began rehearsal as usual, with warm-ups and working on our repertoire. The group’s sound is more and more cohesive every week. A discovery was made on “Country Roads” that if we all planned to breathe together on the chorus, the sound would be fuller and more together.

Ali noted, “Sitting in with the MANNA choir I was struck by how open and engaged everyone was.  I was so moved by the energy in the room, especially when we sang Let It Be, and I’m so grateful that I got to be part of such a cool, intimate and unique musical experience.”

Towards the end of rehearsal, we sat back and let Ali sing us a couple songs. The first was one of her originals, “Satisfied,” which speaks to the restless feeling we experience in life despite things being not so bad. There were many remarks from all around the choir about what an amazing voice Ali has. Then, she serenaded us with “Amazing Grace” and the choir joined. Here’s a special moment from that experience:


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